It begins with You, from You,

You give birth to a life, all new.

But You fail Yourself in life, at every step.

You stay quiet fearing the power of the biceps.

Is it right for You to bear all the anger & the pain?

How long will You burn Yourself in the rituals which are insane?

You are the epitome of sacrifice as a Mother or as a Wife.

Without You in the family there is no life.

As a Sister or as a Daughter You fulfil all Your duties.

But in every relation You are treated as a liability.

Society does not understand that You are responsible for its well-being.

You make the harsh winter also appear like the beautiful, early days of spring.

They do not know your value, it is You who should be blamed.

Your indulgence allowed others to comment & cause You shame.

You breathe life to the gender who demean Your tribe.

Why do not You let them, the qualities from You imbibe?

How can You bear the disrespect to another Woman from anyone?

Just because You are a Mother & the wrong doer is Your son?

Do not let anyone inflict upon You any cruelty or pain.

If You are not happy in it – speak out & do not feign.

Never let Yourself be taken for granted.

Walk all alone, My Beautiful Lady & never be on anyone depended.

It is time for You to know Your Self-Worth.

Respect Yourself as Your qualities have no dearth.

Break free the cage & scream out Your existence,

And show to the world Your beautiful relevance.

It is not just a day in the year You celebrate Womanhood

Celebrate it every-day, in every challenges You succeed for Your own good.

– Devleena Nath.

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