The foreigner asked the  manager-cum-cook-cum- salesman – “Cook Muslim?”

“ehhh…. no…”‘, replied the manager-cum-cook-cum-salesman.

“…” . The foreigner did not care to reply back. Just moved on ..

When i asked the manager-cum-cook-cum-salesman what did the foreigner mean by ‘cook muslim’ , he replied – ” i don’t know..may be he wanted to know if the cook is a muslim.. or may be he wanted non-veg food.”

Apparently , some foreigners are particular about what non veg cuisine are they being served. They know why Mughlai food is famous.

Meanwhile, the manager-cum-cook-cum-salesman waived at the next-to-next shop to another manager-cum-cook-cum-salesman and pointed him the foreigner walking by.

While explaining ‘cook muslim?’ to me the manager-cum-cook-cum-salesman just made an indirect sale.

Pahadganj is all about International Marketing. They sell anything and everything to the foreigners.