Quoting from an article by LiveMint.com – “Dadar in some ways epitomizes a Mumbai that is far removed from the two extremes that now get written about so often: Page 3 glamour on the one hand and the violent underworld on the other. Dadar is a reminder of a stabilizing centre. It is resolutely middle class, but the very ordinariness out here hides rich traditions.”

An excerpt from the book – Bombay Place-Names and Street-Names: An Excursion Into the by-Ways of the History of Bombay City [1917] – 

From the village of Dadar through which it runs. Dadar 
in Marathi, means a stair-case or ladder, and as this locality 
could be regarded as part of a ladder leading to Bombay it was 
called Dadar. There is more than one instance of localities 
lying on the outskirt C)f a village being formerly named Dadar 
by Koli residents. Thus, for instance, the locality on the out- 
skirt of the village Kelva in Thana District, which is wholly «- 
occupied by Koli fishermen, is called Dadar.