Explaining what exactly is a Jaali doesn’t make much sense. You have already seen a lot of them. For any one who has been a victim of mosquito bites , they know what a life-saver ‘Jaali’ can be .

Historically , Jaali is a part of architectural decoration found in Indian architecture, Indo-Islamic Architecture and Islamic Architecture. In recent history it is limited to only iron meshes put as a guard against mosquitoes . However , until modern architecture took over, Jaali was very much part of Indian architecture. In fact, the perforated brick walls that you see in some old buildings are part of the same ‘Jaali’ concept.


If you have ever been to  The Indian Coffee House in Thiruvananthapuram, you would have identified this building. This is a typical ‘Jaali’ design by Laurie Baker. Laurie Baker , called as “Gandhi of architecture” , promoted the revival of regional building practices and use of local materials; and combined this with a design philosophy that emphasized a responsible and prudent use of resources and energy.

With minimal design joining mainstream , we can hope for ‘Jaalis’ to make a comeback.

Source – Wikipedia